Getting to Turks & Caicos

The Airport Code for Providenciales is: PLS

Provo has a first class jet runway, therefore almost all service to the island, from the United States, is by large jet planes, usually 737’s or equivalent.

American Airlines

Flying time from Miami (MIA) to Providenciales (PLS), also called “Provo,” via jet is approximately 80 minutes. American Airlines (AA) offers 3 flights daily from MIA. There is also service from New York (JFK) to PLS on Saturdays.

US Airways

US Airways arrives from Charlotte (CLT) four days a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Air Canada

Air Canada arrives from Toronto (YYZ) one day a week on Saturdays.

British Airways

British Airways flies a weekly schedule from London Heathrow airport on Sundays.

Signature Vacations

Signature Vacations has package tours out of Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto, Vancouver and Winnipeg, direct to Provo.

Tour Group Charters

There are other charters from Miami Air International, Air Transat, North American and Sky Service. These flights are booked by exclusively tour groups. See your travel agent for details.

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