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Over 3 decades dedicated to the love of the Sea, and Quality professional Dive & Boats Operations

About Caicos Adventures

Owner Philippe (FiFi) Kunz - Scuba & Snorkeling Charters Provo

Caicos Adventures is one of the oldest “Boat and Snorkeling Tours and Charters shops in Turks & Caicos.” We have prospered by focusing on excellence in quality and service, resulting in a business that is very professional, modern and experienced!

As a premier Boat Tour shop in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos we are able to offer modern equipment, an efficient operation, professional service and years of Turks & Caicos experience. These attributes demonstrate, “the difference between basic boat transportation and a successful vacation.” These traits of professionalism, modernity and experience, did not happen by accident.

They are a result of the underlying philosophies of Quality, Service, Flexibility and Cordial Atmosphere by owner Fifi Kunz and his perpetual injection of these philosophies throughout his organization. Service and Quality all start at the top with owner Philippe (FiFi) Kunz, trickling down from there.

Our Quality is a result of both our love for boating and our commitment to the business. Features of our quality experience include the following: Reinvestment of profits into equipment, boats etc. Duty of taking customers to world-class locations. Commitment to safety, including experienced snorkel guides, safety equipment, expert briefings, marine protocols and customer value. Caicos Adventures is usually the snorkel boat that travels furthest away from the island; we don’t rush our snorkeling or even our ride back to the dock… we don’t herd customers off like a restaurant getting ready for its 2nd seating.

Scuba & Snorkeling Charters Provo Islands Turks and Caicos

Our Service is impeccable when compared to other operators. Expect the following: Pick up and drop off at your hotel with a friendly driver who doubles as a boat’s captain or first mate. Our staff will set up all equipment. There will be a briefing both before we leave the dock (boat protocol, what to expect) and when we arrive at each location. Food and refreshments are served on all excursions.

Our Flexibility…This is where we listen to our customers for their desires, “what site do you want to visit today”, or anything else that we can do. It goes a long way in respecting your level of experience, lending ample help to beginners, or giving experienced snorkelers their space while snorkeling . We adapt and help organize your trip according to the type of experience you desire. Our snorkel guides are not “hey dude cowboys” trying to get you pumped up with foolish, non-experienced cat calls. We are a team of good guys, professional, helpful and full of energy; working for you. Our goal is to create the best experience available that day, every day! You will never feel rushed to come back onto the boat, or be asked to come back after a certain length of time. Instead, we encourage our guests to have relaxing experience.

Our Experience…Beside the fact that Caicos Adventures is one of the oldest operations on island with over three decades of Professional Operation & Exploration in the Turks & Caicos Islands, the experience started with the Owner/ Operator, Philippe (Fifi) Kunz, a true professional of the Industry. Unlike a lot of operators in the industry, FiFi started at a young age, growing up in the South of France, one of the worldwide hubs of the diving and marine industry.  He was spearfishing at age 8, obtained his first Captains License at age 16, was always cleaning or working on boats, and even practiced mechanics every time he had the chance to learn something. He also worked at the beach as a lifeguard, or Beach Boy and at local restaurants where he learned the service industry inside and out, especially in a place such as Cannes .

“I was always working any where I could to make a buck, as at the time nothing was given to us like now.”

At age 16, I joined the navy, became a Frogman and served for 7 ½ years. I then joined Club Med for 5 1/2 years and rapidly became Chief of Diving and Director of the US zone. Club Med was a tremendous experience, and implemented our experience in the service industry and guest relations, as well as gave us the chance to travel and work in so many Exotic places, and Dive destinations. I do have to say that the combination of the military experience, the resort industry,  growing up around and having the chance to be trained by Dive Pioneer legends in South of France, working in one of the most pristine marine environment in the world, and travelling and diving at a young age all around the world have been a great package for a great learning curve and experience. It has been an unbelievable ride so far, so just keep learning and getting better, and keeping up with and being involved with our customer needs.”

Group Scuba & Snorkeling Charters Provo Caicos Adventures

Our Cordial Atmosphere… One more time, we want our customers to have a good time, be relaxed and enjoy themselves while experiencing the Turks & Caicos Islands! You travel all these miles to treat yourself to a great week of vacation, and this is all based on good times, in a fun cordial atmosphere, with smiles all around. We guarantee that every time you ride with us for a day, you will get smiles, laughter, humor and great help. We put together all the ingredients: excellent music, relaxing attitudes, good interface with our staff, help setting up gear, a Band-Aid for a blister on your toe, suggestions about what restaurant to eat at that night – all the help needed. Experience a day on our boat, to understand the incredible dialogue and interaction that takes place between all on board. At night, reflect back, saying “what an incredible day, this is life as it should be”.

Our Retail Store… We offer the best quality and selection of t-Shirts on the Islands. We also offer board shorts, caps, as well as women’s & men’s resort lines. We are also happy to announce that we are the only Cressi dealer on the Island. We offer a great selection of Cressi equipment at very competitive prices. Click here to see pictures of our store.

Service, Quality, Flexibility and Cordial Atmosphere are the benchmarks for our success. These philosophies create the difference between basic boat transportation and a successful Turks & Caicos vacation! This success is a product of hard work, commitment and solidified principles all stemming from Philippe (FiFi) Kunz who expels a compounding effect throughout his organization and staff.