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Turks and Caicos Islands is comprised of six habited islands set on an ocean plateau. This plateau has created a large 3000 square mile bank or shelf that runs out to its surrounding edge – a world-class reef (perhaps a close third to Australia’s barrier reef and Honduras’ outer reef). At this place where the shallow turquoise waters of the Caicos bank intersect with the outer coral reefs, the ocean terrain drops drastically from a 45-foot depth to 6000 feet.

This wall drop-off is drastic, sometimes beyond vertical with many walls having inverted cut profiles. This is where corals thrive, growing humungous in size, and the fish life flourishes. This combination of drastic wall terrain, colorful and huge coral composites, and abundant schools of both small and large fish life validate Turks and Caicos as a “must snorkel destination.”

We visit some of the most pristine sites in the Caribbean. We take you snorkeling Turks and Caicos, where others don’t. Snorkeling Turks and Caicos, in the Caribbean waters, is ideal for optimal enjoyment. Visibilities average 100 feet, sometimes more if the tide and winds are favorable relative to the Caicos bank. We adjust our daily snorkel destination and direction based on wind conditions and tidal flows, sometimes traveling west, sometimes northwest, sometimes south, and sometimes southwest so that we can guide you to the most optimal snorkel sites based on each day’s conditions.

World's Top 10 Beaches and Scuba Diving Provo TCI
World's Top 10 Beaches and Scuba Diving Provo TCI

Most Turks and Caicos operators snorkel the same moorings in sheltered Grace Bay day in and day out. Some operators never venture to the south or west where the real world-class reefs and walls are located. Water conditions average 79 to 81 degrees during winter months. Summer water temperatures average 84 to 86 degrees. The yearly average air temperature is 83 degrees.