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Turks and Caicos Diving: Why Dive With Us?

Caicos Adventures offers the best Dive Sites in the Caribbean for Your Vacation! In addition to incredible dive sites & equipment, we offer the best Caribbean diving adventure because of our personable nature & customer-oriented philosophies. Typical dive operations take large groups out to mooring sites, regulating the group’s dive time & location. With Caicos Adventures, we do not dive the same sites over & over again. In fact, we make it a point to travel to the best Caribbean diving sites, including those uninhabited & pristine locations. The less traveled destinations we find, the better your Caribbean diving experience will be. You will be able to see more fish, coral & sharks in their natural habitats.

The Best Dive Sites in the Caribbean for Your Vacation

Additionally, we focus on catering to your individual needs. For beginner scuba diving explorers, we will help with equipment & guide them throughout the entire trip. For more advanced divers, we offer the best Caribbean diving adventure. We let them explore on their own & regulate their time, air supply & range of exploration! No other dive operation can compare with Caicos Adventures, the best Caribbean diving adventure!

Best Dive Sites

Turks and Caicos Diving offers some of the most enchanting dive locations. Turks & Caicos Islands is one of the best Caribbean diving destinations. We do not visit the same five or six moorings over and over. We dive proprietary, pristine, and often uncharted sites. FiFi Kunz, and Caicos Adventures have been pioneering these sites since 1988. We will show you walls with abundant “big” fish life. There are no guarantees in nature, but turtles, reef shark, eagle ray, humpbacks (during winter) are commonplace. Join us for Turks and Caicos diving at its best!

The Best Dive Sites in the Caribbean for Your Vacation

Repeat Customers

The Best Dive Sites in the Caribbean for Your Vacation

Repeat visitors, as well as local residents of Provo, dive with us! Every week there are numerous “repeat” customers on our boat – divers who have come back to the island for their 2nd, 3rd or even 4th time. Our customers consistently dive with us time and time again. We are a “word of mouth” company. Also, most local divers who live on Providenciales (Provo) or “long term” seasonal residents dive with us – the locals know our reputation. “Dive with Caicos Adventures, the Best Caribbean Diving ” is common local knowledge.

Best Dive Boat

We unequivocally have the best Caribbean diving boats. Although, on the surface this may not seem like a big deal – it does make a big difference!  You will being on a clean, comfortable, roomy boat with ample space to nap, sun-bathe, or socialize in both the sun and the shaded areas of the boat. On breezy days when the ocean chop is abounding, our sizable catamaran smooths out the ride.  In comparison to most other scuba diving operators with “V” hulls. This means you don’t get bounced around, sprayed in the face by ocean waves, and are less prone to sea sickness.

Diver Experience

We cater to your experience level.  We cater to your individual level of experience.

For advanced divers, we respect your experience. If you have a computer, you and your buddy are allowed to dive “your” profile. If you have good lungs and want to stay down for more than 60 minutes on the 2nd dive (and your computer allows you to) go right ahead.  We won’t rush to pack it in at the end of a day.

For beginner and intermediate divers, we have experienced divemaster guides on every trip to make it the most safe, yet best, Caribbean diving adventure. Our divemasters set up all of your equipment for you, change tanks between dives, help you feel comfortable with your equipment and dive at your experience level. They are there to make your trip safe and navigate you back to the boat, so you can enjoy the scenery.

Knowledgeable Staff

Friendly, personable staff – from the top-down. FiFi Kunz (owner) sets the tone from the moment the bus picks you up at the hotel, and throughout the day… conversing with all, creating a pleasurable day on the water. Even on those few days that you don’t spot one eagle ray or reef shark, you will still come back thinking “there is no place I’d rather be than out on the Caicos Cat with the Caribbean sun beating down and those cool Turks and Caicos breezes”. By the end of the day you will know all the staff’s names, where they are from, about 20 new jokes or quick wit lines, and have laughed as many times.

Efficient “topnotch” scuba diving operation & management. It starts at the top, and works its way down. FiFi Kunz (owner) sets the tone with his hardworking ethics. His employees are under constant pressure to “measure up” to his examples and expectations. ”If you have time to lean, you have time to clean” anecdote fairly describes the work philosophy. When guests exit the boat at the end of a dive day, the guides’ job just begins – rinsing down the boat, scrubbing the head, rinsing and emptying the bcd’s, filling the tanks. On light days, employees don’t go home, they go to the shop and recheck tank valves and fix regulators. If it’s not the dive equipment, it’s waxing the small boat or cleaning the bus. All of these little things add up! You don’t know how many guests say “this is the cleanest boat I’ve ever been on.”

Top-of-the-Line Equipment

FiFi Kunz has demonstrated that he is not afraid to reinvest profits into newer and better equipment. He realizes that this reinvestment is actually his best investment. Whether it is “the best boat” or premier air compressors. Yes – something guests don’t often think about, but extra is invested into “the best” compressor so that the compressed air breathed is of the highest quality (let’s not forget that FiFi is also a diver and breathes the same air).