Our Experience

Our Experience

Caicos Adventures has Experience, the Cornerstone for Success

There are two types of experience that contribute to our success: scuba diving and small business organizational familiarity. This is an important point to bring up. There are many seasoned good divers out there who don’t know how to balance a checkbook, cater to a guest’s needs, manage employees or fix a water pump on a diesel engine. This symbiotic relationship between expert knowledge in a particular field combined with business managerial skills holds true throughout the real world.

Snorkel and Dive the Caribbean Turks & Caicos Islands

Think about how many great software programmers there are out there, but how few actually succeed in breaking away and starting their own company. It takes a special person to have both traits, in any field.

Snorkel and Dive the Caribbean Turks & Caicos Islands

Diving Experience… Philippe (FiFi) Kunz has 40 years of marine & diving experience, from navy frogman, commercial diving, to sport diving. He has worked all around the world from the Indian Ocean, the Sea of China, the South Pacific, the Caribbean, and of course over three decades of diving in the Turks and Caicos Islands. His diving expertise includes working his way up from a service man to becoming director of operations for the scuba diving organization at a large resort.

More importantly, he started pioneering the walls of Turks and Caicos in 1988. He dove 360 days a year, exploring every nook, cranny, crevice along miles of walls and reefs that surround Caicos Bank. He was the first to truly commit to bringing vacationing divers to dive Turks and Caicos at these uncharted dive sites.

“Fifi knows the waters of the South side like the back of his hand, and this is what you are looking for.” We have explored most Walls & reefs, and have paved the road for all the new Operations around.

The Staff of Caicos Adventures is hand picked from the best of the best. Philippe Kunz has no tolerance for what he calls “Caribbean Cowboys.” Fly-by-night divemasters, who are more interested in “who they will meet or drink with on their night in town” do not meet Caicos Adventures’ standards. To work for Caicos Adventures you must not only have good scuba diving skills, professional mannerisms, commitment, an excellent work ethic… but more importantly you have to interact respectfully towards guests and have a sense of humor. All staff are certified as professionals of the PADI organization.

In addition to a historical experience of Turks and Caicos Islands, Caicos Adventures has a very modern attitude, and evolves their understanding, knowledge and equipment accordingly, as changes in the scuba diving world occur.

Caicos Adventures runs a tight ship when it comes to Business Management.

Business Management & Organizational Experience… This is just as an important facet of success as our diving expertise. We run a top-notch, very efficient scuba dive Turks and Caicos operation. A beautiful new dive shop, pleasant and knowledgeable employees, clean and modern boats, and maintained equipment. It is clear to any of our past guests, that Caicos Adventures is a professionally run business.

Snorkel and Dive the Caribbean Turks & Caicos Islands

So many times in this business we have seen career dive masters try to breakaway and start their own business – but without any business savvy and managerial skills, their boats and shops often become a chaotic mess. These instances result in unpleasant experiences for customers.

Philippe (FiFi) Kunz works seven days a week, 365 days a year to make Caicos Adventures successful, utilizing both his diving knowledge and his managerial understanding.

“I have seen him pick up the guests on the morning run, captain the boat for a 3 tank dive, return to the shop at 4:00 PM to resolve the day’s business issues, return to the marina at 6:30 in darkness to work on the boat’s engine, go back to the shop at 9:45 to fix some regulators for the next days dive.”

This commitment is no big deal for him, as he loves what he does, and would not have it any other way. He is a perfectionist; he has an endless desire to be THE leading dive operation. His effective management and organizational skills result in a well-managed business. This business experience offers you the best dive Turks and Caicos vacation one could expect.

Dive Turks and Caicos Islands, with Caicos Adventures, for an incredible experience you won’t ever forget! Caicos Adventures has been leading scuba diving trips since 1988. With Philippe (Fifi) Kunz leading, to dive Turks and Caicos Islands’ beautiful blue waters is to travel on a dreamlike & unimaginable journey. Not only do we offer expert advice & guidance to our customers, but we also give them a cordial, fun & entertaining atmosphere. When you dive Turks and Caicos Islands with Caicos Adventures, our focus is placed on you & generating a memorable & successful trip. Whether it’s snorkeling in Caribbean waters or wall diving Turks and Caicos Islands’ deep waters, we will assist you in finding great dive sites, equipment & dive buddies.

The reason for our success is a combination of scuba diving experience and business management skills. Although our main focus is on our customers and their needs, we have also taken a great deal of time to generate a fully-functioning and professional business. To dive Turks and Caicos Islands with us, is to work with qualified individuals, equipment, boats & dive sites. We don’t skimp on anything! Fifi is a perfectionist and that attitude has trickled down through his staff and has ultimately driven our company towards its success. Dive Turks and Caicos Islands with the best dive operation possible.