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I have built our great reputation and quality upon my many years of scuba diving experience, exploring different seas around the world, with my profound love of diving. Fortunately, I have had opportunities to work and dive, experiencing the total beauty of underwater worlds. Since I started diving, I always had that need and desire to go the extra mile, looking for new sites, unexplored reefs and new walls. I have always tried something different and unique from what others were doing, and to this date we still do this. There are a lot of different techniques for searching and exploring, but in the end, it take hours and miles of cruising the waters and diving to achieve total knowledge of an area. That curiosity, instinct and worldwide experience really helped me find some of what are now the best-rated sites around Caribbean Islands! I remember years ago, when I set up Caicos Adventures and started diving strictly the South side, I knew that it was going to be successful. This was because scuba diving here on the South side was far more superior than anything that we can find around Grace Bay and North West point! Now after all these years of diving and cruising the South side, I know that we are, by far, the operation that is most knowledgeable about these waters, and that we are the only ones that have explored every inch of its tremendous walls. The customers that have been scuba diving with us already know that our knowledge, years worked in this business, and years on the water make a world of difference in their scuba diving Turks and Caicos experience. – Fifi Kunz

Dive Uncharted Sites Around the Turks & Caicos Islands
Dive Uncharted Sites Around the Turks & Caicos Islands

Scuba diving Turks and Caicos offers dramatic vertical wall diving, colorful reef systems, and bountiful tropical fish habitats. Provo Diving (short for Providenciales, TCI’s largest island) truly boasts a repertoire of amazing scuba diving sites. Our depiction of these dive sites in text form only scratches the surface. If a picture tells a thousand words, persons who have gone scuba diving Turks and Caicos Islands now possess memories that speak volumes.

Uncharted Sites

Most of our scuba diving is based on FiFi Kunz’s 3 decades of exploring outer reefs and walls of Turks and Caicos since 1988. He has spent these years diving Turks and Caicos’ virgin dive sites, and privately mapping these pristine and/or sometimes radical spots in his knowledge bank and sometimes in his satellite GPS (with FiFi you really don’t need a GPS, his knowledge of TCI dive sites is surpassed by none). So, most of our daily dive excursions involve pulling up to an intersection of a turquoise reef and the deep blue ocean – with no visible land in sight – and parking our boat. Now, a typical vacationing diver thinks that there is no science to this choice in location, that we have randomly dropped anchor at any old spot. To their chagrin however, when they plunge under the waters, there will always be a “specially” selected wall profile, reef formation, or unique site characteristic that has been carefully depicted by FiFi during his pre-dive briefing. It is not random; it is his knowledge from years of daily scuba diving Turks and Caicos and exploring these waters that has ability to share this unknown location with vacationing scuba divers.

West Caicos – Walls & Walls (35 to 40 minute boat ride!!)

This uninhabited island is situated on the west side of Providenciales, about 35 minutes from our dock. There are six miles of protected leeward side walls, approximately 100-150 yards from shore with more than 2 dozen dive sites. The wall starts from 35-45 feet, dropping to approximately 6,000 feet. You will see incredible sponges, coral formations, large grouper, Caribbean reef fish and stingrays. There are great spots to encounter large pelagic such as sharks, spotted eagle rays and turtles. On some occasions you will see manta rays and hammerheads. Scuba diving conditions are excellent for all levels, as visibility levesl are rarely less than 100 feet.

Dive Uncharted Sites Around the Turks & Caicos Islands
Dive Uncharted Sites Around the Turks & Caicos Islands

Sandbore Channel (30 to 35 min from our docks)

The Sandbore Channel is the channel that opens up between the north point of West Caicos to outer West Reef. The tops of the different sites start as low as 28 ft to 30 ft, with some of the most pristine diving available, from vertical drop offs, to sandy bottoms with giant stingrays. We have many dive sites to choose from. These waters are especially great for larger pelagic like eagle rays, sharks, and occasionally Manta and Hammer Head. There are also very vibrant reef lives, and we have sites where we see Octopus during day dives, large lobster, large Nassau, grouper and Jewfish.

Southwest Reef (35 to 40 min from our docks)

1-1/2 miles of reef located on the east side of West Caicos. This reef is exposed to tide winds most of the year, which makes the top condition pretty bumpy. However, it is a perfect destination when the weather turns around and winds blow from the North & Northwest. The 1-1/2 mile reef protects these pristine vertical walls, which are very vertical, with a hard bottom and sandy canyon. At Southwest Reef, there are incredible barrel sponges and great chances of seeing eagle ray, sharks and other large pelagic. We normally dive these walls a dozen of time during winter months, February and March. The reef protecting these walls is spectacular, thus making it a great location to anchor for exploration in between dives. There you will find some unspoiled elkhorn coral formations with their abundant life.

French Cay (40 to 45 minutes from our dock!)

We arrange trips to this tiny Cay that was once used as a hideaway for pirates. It is now a bird sanctuary, located 40 minutes from our dock across the Caicos Bank. The wall runs in an East to West direction and therefore gets the sunlight all day resulting in especially large coral and sponges. Fish life is abundant, with frequent sightings of eagle rays, sharks and occasionally manta rays and hammerheads. During the first three months of the year, French Cay is extremely exciting as this is when Humpback whales visit. Sightings are frequent and you could be lucky enough to dive with these massive yet graceful mammals. Nurse sharks frequent the area during their mating season, normally from July to September, providing another great reason to visit these dive sites. Visibility ranges from 60 to 100+ and it is best to go on a fair day (tide & wind conditions), ensuring good visibility.

Molasses Reef (35 to 40 min from our dock!)

Located a little west of French Cay, 1 mile of reef in open wall. Great chance for eagle ray and larger shark, as it is uncharted. The wall starts around 55 ft, and is totally vertical. Large gorgonia, cracks, and canyons that become great housing for large Nassau groupers. At the wall’s top is a mixture of coral formations and sandy canyons with a lot of large barrel sponges. The shallow reef is very pristine, full of life as it is totally uncharted. We can even visit some remnants of ancient shipwrecks during our surface interval. It is exposed to trade wind, therefore making it an adventure for when waters are calm or when winds shift direction.

Dive Uncharted Sites Around the Turks & Caicos Islands
Dive Uncharted Sites Around the Turks & Caicos Islands

South Walls (30 to 35 min from our Dock, need calm sea conditions)

These walls include an entirely uncharted area for diving Turks and Caicos. We started to explore these walls years ago, and have special sites where we find large pelagic, Jewfish, eagle rays, sharks and large canyon! No boats anywhere around!