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We Make it Very Easy! Also, The Most Affordable on Island, “By Far”!

As leader of quality Caribbean scuba diving, Caicos Adventures is the only land-based Caribbean scuba diving agency to operate a Nitrox center with state-of-the-art Nitrox blending equipment.

Our goal is to promote it as much as possible, because it has so much to offer, enhancing both your safety and dive quality. This is why we have made our rates the most attractive both here on Caribbean islands and as compared to other dive destinations. Take advantage of it!

Nitrox Scuba Diving Shop In The Caribbean

We have invested in a top-of-the-line blending membrane system, which ensures a perfect quality mix, and a larger volume of operation.

Our “wall diving” offers the Enriched Air NITROX diver greater diving options, increasing both depth and time. Starting in only 28 to 45 feet, the wall drops off to 6,000 feet. Enriched Air NITROX is used for sport diving depths of up to 130 feet and provides the added bonus of increased safety when used properly. This means your Caribbean dive will last even longer!

What Is Nitrox?

Nitrox is actually any combination of Nitrogen and Oxygen. Regular breathing air is comprised of approximately 21% Oxygen and 79% Nitrogen. Nitrox mixtures with percentages of oxygen greater than 21% are called Enriched Air Nitrox (EANx).

Nitrox Scuba Diving Shop In The Caribbean

Why PADI Enriched Air Diver?

Advantages for all divers, including:

Extended bottom times
Shorter surface intervals
Shorter decompression stops
Less post dive fatigue
More dives per day possible
Nitrogen loading declines as per mix
Reduced chance of Decompression Sickness
Reduction in Nitrogen Narcosis
Safer dives!

* Enriched Air Nitrox (EAN), when used with standard dive tables or computers, provides a tremendous safety factor. Actual nitrogen accumulation is that of a dive 10-20 feet shallow.

Caribbean scuba diving, with EAN rather than standard air, extends your no decompression limits. This means more time underwater! For example, if you dive to 15 metres/50 feet on air, your no decompression limit is 80 minutes. But, diving on EANx36 gets you 220 minutes of no decompression time – an increase of 140 minutes.

This Application Is Ideal For:

ivers wishing to be more conservative
Divers who are not as young as they once were
Divers who may not be in peak physical fitness

What Do I Need To Start?

A current PADI Open Water certification (or qualifying certification from another organization).
Minimum Age: 15 Years.

What Will I Do?

PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty certification emphasizes the theoretical and operational considerations involved with enriched air diving.

How Long Will It Take?

One academic session prior to the dives
Open Water Training: two dives over one day

What Will I Need?

The Nitrox crew pack and tanks are part of the course.

The PADI crew pack includes all materials needed: Nitrox Manual, an Enriched Air 32 percent Table, Enriched Air 36 percent Table and Equivalent Air Depth/Oxygen Exposure Table.

Where Can I Go From Here?

You can apply this Specialty Course towards your Master Scuba Diver certification. If you want to stay underwater longer, Contact Caicos Adventures and tell them you’re interested in the PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty course.

Caribbean scuba diving is a great way to experience a mystical underwater world. When on your Caribbean scuba diving vacation, consider diving with Nitrox enriched air, for a safer & longer-lasting adventure. Caicos Adventures runs an incredible Caribbean scuba diving operation in Turks & Caicos Islands, and includes Nitrox enriched air as one of its high-quality scuba diving gear. When using Nitrox, during your Caribbean scuba diving vacation, your overall experience will be greatly improved. Nitrox is a blended mixture of Oxygen and Nitrogen, which will reduce Nitrogen take up in a body’s tissues. In turn, this will increase your Caribbean scuba diving time and reduce the risk of decompression sickness.

Caribbean scuba diving, with Caicos Adventures, will make your diving vacation a memorable one! Not only do we offer unique dive sites at Turks & Caicos Islands, but we also custom-design our trips to suite your diving vacation and Caribbean scuba diving desires. Whether you’d like to go snorkeling off of a coast, or scuba diving near 6,000 feet deep walls, we will have a diving vacation for you! In addition to our flexibility, we offer a wide range of high-quality scuba diving equipment. Finally, Caicos Adventures is made up of a cordial, fun and friendly staff focused on making your Caribbean scuba diving vacation a memorable and fun journey of exploration and good times.