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Nitrox Membrane System

The Nuvair Nitrox System uses semi permeable membranes to produce o2 rich air (nitrox). Once the nitrox at up to 40% o2 it can then be compressed with an oil lubricated high-pressure compressor into scuba bottles or storage tanks for later use or with a low-pressure compressor for immediate delivery to scuba divers. Undersea Breathing Systems Intl. have supplied electric, gas, diesel and hydraulic powered Nitrox Membrane Systems for commercial, sport, live aboard and government agencies. These customers have used nitrox to increase bottom time, safety, productivity and profit.
Nitrox Membrane

Provo Islands Nitrox Scuba Diving Shop
Provo Islands Nitrox Scuba Diving Shop

The “New & Improved” NUVAIR membrane system is up to 20% more efficient and easier to use. This system requires an air source to supply air to the membrane for separation. This air source (supply air) can be from high-pressure storage tanks or from a low-pressure compressor. First, the supply air pressure must be reduced to 80-300 PSI for use in the membrane. A regulator is used to adjust the input pressure and volume of nitrox to be made. After the regulator air travels through filtration to ensure a proper air quality that will not damage or plug the membrane fibers.

After filtration, air is heated to a stable temperature that is constant and optimal for membrane permeation. This temperature is about 110 degrees F. After the heater, air enters the membrane. The membrane is made up of thousands of hollow fibers. Oxygen permeates faster than nitrogen through these fibers. At the nitrogen outlet there is a fixed orifice that will allow the right amount of nitrogen to escape at maximum output to produce about 43% o2 at the permeate outlet (o2 rich gas).
Nitrox Membrane

The permeate exits the membrane into a static mixing tube that allows ambient air to mix with permeate. The gas mixture is then analyzed with an inline sensor before delivery to the compressor for compression. As an operator increases the input pressure on the regulator, the volume of nitrox produced is increased as well as the o2% of the total gas mix.

Provo Islands Nitrox Scuba Diving Shop

Great Features!

  • Reliable
  • Mix accurate to one tenth of 1%
  • Produces from 21% to 40% oxygen
  • Unlimited continuous on-site production
  • Treat like air
  • No oxygen required
  • High volume output means no waiting for fills!

Caribbean scuba diving with Caicos Adventures gives you an option of exploring the underwater world using Nitrox. Nitrox enriched air provides Caribbean scuba diving adventurers with a safer & longer-lasting experience. We offer Nitrox enriched air as optional scuba diving gear to increase your dive time & to minimize deco stops. Nitrox enriched air is a blended mixture of oxygen & nitrogen, which will reduce the body’s intake of nitrogen. As a result, your Caribbean scuba diving adventure will last longer & will ultimately be safer, minimizing risks, including decompression sickness.

Caicos Adventures’ Caribbean scuba diving trips will make your Caribbean scuba diving vacation an incredible experience. Not only do we provide you with the most unique & untouched dive sites available, but we also focus our entire trip on your scuba diving abilities & requests. Whether you’d like to focus your Caribbean scuba diving adventure on deep sea diving or on snorkeling incredible reef sites, we will guide you to the best locations. Even for beginner scuba divers, we will help you with your equipment & with finding fish or other underwater sites during your Caribbean scuba diving vacation. Caicos Adventures employs only cordial, fun & friendly staff members to guarantee your Caribbean scuba diving adventure is a pleasant & enjoyable experience.