Caicos Adventures Post-COVID Safe Practices & Protocols

Listed below are some of the measures we are currently taking for the safety of all.
Please note that while the protocols take into account current WHO, DAN, and TCI Government guidelines, they are living documents that need to be updated as new information becomes available about COVID-19.

Use of face masks (face and nose coverings) and social distancing:

  • Face masks must be worn inside the shop and people are expected to maintain six feet social distancing.
  • Hand sanitizer is available at the doors and on the counter and people are required to use it.
  • On the boats face masks are required while exiting and entering the marina, but once underway and people are able to spread about the boat, masks can be removed while out in the fresh air.
  • Face masks must be used when using the head.


  • We encourage car rentals or individual transportation to and from resorts, the shop and boats for safety reasons.
  • All Company vehicles will have proper disinfectant available for guests and driver. Everyone must wear a mask during the transfers.


  • The maximum number of people per boat will depend on boat size and capacity, but will be reduced to ensure proper social distancing.
  • Vessels are cleaned after each trip with disinfectant.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in the head.
  • There will be no communal rinse buckets on the boat.
  • At the end of each day, high traffic areas are wiped with a bleach solution followed by the normal boat rinsing.
  • Food service on the boats has also changed.  Food for every trip, either ½ or full day, will be given to guests in an individual prepackaged bag to insure proper hygiene and no contamination.  No buffet style food will be served.  Disposable cups will be used for drinks.


  • Snorkeling or Diving equipment will be soaked in a bleach solution, then rinsed with fresh water.
  • Caicos Adventures sells a good selection of masks and snorkels in their shop should you prefer to use your own.

Government Visiting Requirements:

There are several requirements needed in order to enter Providenciales. Details can be found on the Turks and Caicos Tourism website ( Important factors to note are:

  • As of September 1, 2021 all visitors who are 16 years and over will require proof of vaccination.
  • A negative COVID-19 test result from an accredited laboratory is required, taken no more than 3 days before your scheduled date of arrival to the Turks & Caicos Islands. Children 10 years and under are exempt.
  • Travel insurance will be required, which includes cover for medical treatment, cost for quarantine and COVID-19 medical repatriation.
  • All of the above must be uploaded to the TCI Assured Authorisation Portal. This will be available from 15th July on the Tourist Board’s website (
  • Once uploaded, documents will be verified and a TCI Assured sticker will be issued to the traveler.
  • Further information will be published as it is made available.