diving the turks and caicos islands

Diving the Turks & Caicos Islands

Choosing A Great Diving Vacation

It is a fact that every time divers have to pick a dive destination for vacation, they shop around, and they will pick a destination that can offer great diving vacation.

So why pick the Turks & Caicos Islands over another place?

Lots to See

If you are looking for great fish activity, great scenery, great vegetation, of course you want to have the chance to encounter larger creatures like reef shark, eagle ray, large sting ray, turtle etc…you want to be sure that the diving conditions are easy, above and below the sea, meaning that you won’t have to deal with rough surface condition, and currents.

Less Chance of Cancellations

You also want to be sure that the destination has a lot of options to offer, including wall dives, shallow reef , even some shore dives.

It is also important to know that you will be able to go diving when the weather changes from its normal pattern, and we still have the option to take you diving. That is due to the natural shape of the Island, and some locations of reefs that offer protection during a weather situation. This way you won’t be stuck in a hotel room, because the wind is blowing the wrong direction, and diving would have to be cancelled.

Safe Practices

You also want to be sure that the safety infrastructure are well prepared on land and on the boats, to insure a safe diving practice.

Well I believe that with all these ingredients, you should feel comfortable to know that the Turks & Caicos Islands have to offer the best diving options in the Caribbean, and probably in the top 10 of the world, and our diving infrastructures on land are some of the most professional and well managed.

Knowledgable Crew

That is of course easy to say or write, but I can comfortably insure you that.

I have been working professionally in the diving industry now for four decades. I have travelled and dived in the most pristine areas of the world. I have experienced all sorts of situations, diving conditions, underwater scenery, and I can tell you that after spending over 30 years in these islands, the Turks & Caicos Islands are a paradise for dive operators!

Why? Because we still have pristine underwater sceneries, abundant vegetation, spectacular fish activity, a large amount of pelagic zones, a lot diving destination options to choose from including great walls and reefs, and a very consistent weather and sea condition.

There are of course many reasons why we are so lucky! First, our islands are located around a large plateau rising 7000 feet from the bottom, and all the offshore current activities surrounding this formation bring a lot of clean wash water, and a lot of nutrition for our underwater world. We also have one of the biggest banks or shallow water sandy plateaus which is a great underwater hatching ground for a lot of creature like the Conch Shell, which is one of the most abundant sources of nutrition for our fish and creatures. The islands are also surrounded by a large barrier reef that is the perfect protection for our shores, and house a large quantity of reef life.

These great protections are the main reason why all the islands are surrounded by large mangrove formations which not only keep the island in great shape and avoid the natural erosion of our shore, but is one of the key factors in preserving our natural habitat, as these mangrove are the place where a lot of underwater creatures and birds come to life, and start their journey in the wild.

The Turks and Caicos Islands, also have been late discoveries for the travelers and divers, as most of the main development staredt in the early 1990’s, and have been well control. We have been taking advantage of creating parks, rules and regulations in the earlier stages, to be able to protect the natural resources as well as educating the new generation for the future, and it is working. Therefore I am confident that it is only going to get better in the future.


We do believe that Christopher Columbus had, in fact, landed in Grand Turks instead of San Salvador in the Bahamas, and the theory was well describe by a reputable Historian, and well debated.

West Caicos was used as a popular landmark from the earlier navigators of the earlier centuries, because it offered great anchorage, and was a nice place to rest and repairs damages from long journeys across the Atlantic.

This traffic, of course, has left great scenery for diver and snorkelers, as they are able to dive some of the remains of the early days, discovering ancient anchors, swim and explore remains of a wreck, and discover carvings left by sailors either after a sailing break or tragedy at sea.

As a conclusion, I can tell you that this is a destination that you will remember, and will touch you.

The diving is spectacular, consistent, great fish activity, great scenery, a destination that as a lot to offer, and still more to be discovered.

Philippe “FiFi” Kunz
Owner/Operator of Caicos Adventures