beginner divers

Beginner Scuba Divers

Our Job Is To Make Your Scuba Experience Enjoyable!

We offer private Caribbean dive courses for beginner divers. From our staff to our boats, we want you to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible throughout your scuba diving experience and Caribbean dive courses. Before we even leave the dock, we will be briefing you regarding “what to expect” during the boat ride and dive site trip.

Caribbean First Time Scuba Diving

FiFi is a perfectionist, and expects his employees to go beyond the call of the normal “dive instructor” duty to give you that special attention and help needed during your private Caribbean dive courses.

While participating in private Caribbean dive courses, dive masters will set up your equipment for you; you don’t have to worry. They will answer any questions you may have regarding how equipment works or how much weight you need. Within the first 15 minutes, your equipment will be all set up, nothing to do or worry about while traveling to our dive site.

The boat is set up magnificently for beginner divers: a giant platform at water level for your water entry, safety bar set at 15 feet, spare octopus with regulated air at the safety bar, a descent line so you can control your descent (or ascent) and two long drift lines hanging off the boat’s rear.

More importantly, for beginners, you will have a very detailed pre-dive briefing, as part of your private Caribbean dive courses with your dive instructor. His job will be to help you with any equipment problems that may arise (more weights, mask doesn’t fit right, problems clearing during your descent). There is no need to force the descent for those who have problems clearing; we take whatever time you need.

Your dive master will lead the dive and navigate, you just ride with him. He is trained to scan your surroundings or periphery for fish, and will constantly point out big fish sightings so you don’t miss out. He monitors your air consumption and makes sure turnarounds are consummated at the appropriate times, leaving enough air for him to safely navigate everyone back to safety.

In summary, we have been offering Caribbean dive courses to beginner scuba diving vacationers for many years. Whether it is your first open water dive, your 6th dive, or you have not dived in many years… our job is to make your experience enjoyable.

Please consider our private Caribbean dive courses and certifications geared towards beginner divers. The warm, clear and calm waters of Turks and Caicos Islands are perfect for learning:  PADI Resort Course.   PADI Referral Certification.   PADI Open Water Certification.